Return To The Gearhead Field Of Dreams – Antique Car Salvage Yard Pt.1


Thanks for all the positive feedback on my original video from this vintage salvage yard. I came out here today and shot a lot of video of different cars that I thought were interesting. More video to come, so stay tuned! Thanks for watchin’! Link to pt.2 Contact info: Vintage Auto Salvage Possum Grape, Arkansas Open Friday And Saturdays 501-201-0119 Ask For Ken I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video. Music provided by : Jason Shaw:// Name of tune “Rock Tune” Jason Shaw ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 10

25 Responses to “Return To The Gearhead Field Of Dreams – Antique Car Salvage Yard Pt.1”

  1. Donald Yeager says:

    I agree,ive never owned a new car either!I like the old ones,they had more style!And some get better gas mileage too!Plus if you buy a new car today the blue book isnt very good when you sell.Buy an old classic and the price just keeps going up!

  2. stitch7777 says:

    I tell ya what, thanks for posting these videos. I really enjoyed watching them. It sure does make me sad to see all those wonderful car just sit there rotting like that. I wish I could get them and put them back on the road again. A time when cars were built strong. I have a 67 chevelle, I am trying with all I have to keep it on the road. All original 77k miles on it. I have never owned a new car. I dont believe in it really. Not when there are so many better built,nicer lookin older ones.

  3. Eduardo Espinoza says:

    Memory Lane. Thank you

  4. chinwart says:

    Awesome video m8! I would love to visit a place like that!

  5. TheTarrMan says:

    Wish I could fix a few of those up.

  6. RamblinAround says:

    That 64 Grand Prix looks a lot like the Tempest I just put up. I love looking around old junk yards. You never know what you might find. Makes me sad to see that old Studebaker laying out there.

  7. Dustin Dean says:

    my papavhas a mint 57 studebaker golden hawk. what a shame to see these in this condition ..

  8. MudRFunR says:

    My brother had one of those TBird’s with the suicide doors. Never got it on the road cause the underside was rotten to the core (at least that’s what I remember). I was 8, so I (pretend driver) played in that car lots cause it was fully loaded, everything worked till I killed the battery. Anyway thanks for sharing…brought back good memories.

  9. apage2turn1 says:

    Be a cool place to go and do some photography.

  10. W1WEASEL says:

    a swinger, even better!!!

  11. draywanda says:

    A lot of em are disappearing around here too. folks are goin’ around and buying old cars and trucks right out of peoples yards to haul off the scrap yards.

  12. draywanda says:

    Yeah, that was one of the few “newer” cars there, it was actually a swinger.

  13. draywanda says:

    Ah yes, the good ol days….

  14. 805ROADKING says:

    I didn’t say ya had to fix it!!☺

  15. draywanda says:

    You’re right there. I always loved the cars from the 50′s with the tail fins.

  16. draywanda says:

    I agree. Too many classic cars and trucks have been sent to the crusher, Its kinda sad.

  17. draywanda says:

    I’ll post the number in the description bar so you can call the yard owner and inquire about that.

  18. draywanda says:

    Yup, you got it! lol

  19. draywanda says:

    Thanks E.J., If I recall, there is a feller what has an old chevy of some sort collectin’ dust in his garage……….Have a goodun’ man!

  20. draywanda says:

    Thanks Fletch, I really like visiting this place.

  21. ShawnCFarm says:

    Old cars up here don’t get a chance to sit around like that because scrap prices are really high and everyone is being in there old junk for the money.

  22. W1WEASEL says:

    You missed on that ’72ish dodge dart behind the ’63 Galaxie

  23. Tommy Creech says:

    sad part is, I’m old enough to remember what all of them looked like when they were in good condition 

  24. smilertiler1 says:

    Miles of history sitting right there. Cars back in the days always seem more ‘sculptured’

  25. FJ80Coop says:

    All of that oem trim is worth a pretty penny to by the books car gurus…Ar. seems to be the atv,and old automobile salvage yard haven as most states seem to be doing away with all of them by hook,or crook these days citing environmental issues..It all came from the ground,it won’t hurt for it to all go back to mother nature…Used to be tons of atv,and old auto salvage yards down here many years ago,but they have all gone now except the big bidness auto “Recycling”yards..